Win Turkish
8 December 8 April

Simple rules: 1 lead – 1 point

Get more points - take all the prizes
you can carry away

Good news:
  • There is no limit on the number of winners! It means that all the participants who bring the required amount of leads will get an equivalent trophy!
  • We have no limit on the number of points you can get, so you can get even more than one valuable prize.
  • You also can choose the prize from the list and get whatever you want.

The total number of leads for each participant will be counted for several days after the contest is over.

Bring more leads to these offers and take Great ‘s Delight
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1599 points — MacBook Pro 15'
(Intel i7 2,6 GHz; 256 Gb; Touch Bar, Touch ID)
1199 points — MacBook Pro 13'
(Intel i5 2,9 GHz; 256 Gb; Touch Bar, Touch ID)
799 points — Ipad Pro 256 GB
699 points — iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB
599 points — iPhone 7 256 GB
549 points — iPhone 7 128 GB
499 points — iPhone 7 32 GB
299 points — iWatch Series 2 42mm
229 points — iWatch Series 1 42mm
Do you want to bring leads
and get Turkish delight’s prizes?
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